Successful 30/60/90 Business Plan
for Final Interview
Strategic Plan:
Organize accounts into business sections:

  1. Endocrinologists
  2. Primary Care
    • Internal Medicine
    • Pediatricians
    • Nephrologists
    • OB/GYN's
    • Family Practice
  3. Diabetic Educators
  4. Insurance-Managed Care Organizations
  5. General Public

Gather account information including:
Number of diabetic patients
Basic account information, including key contacts, work schedules, etc.
Key issues (i.e. reimbursement, competition, equipment problems, etc.)

Complete a thorough initial territory analysis (both by account and geographically)

Identify current and target accounts in each of the business sections documented above and categorize as follows
30 Day Targets
60 Day Targets
90 Day Targets

Stabilize and solidify current account base and begin expansion of business opportunities in target accounts through immediate introduction, opportunity assessment, initial rapport building and establishing myself as a valuable resource

Identify current customer concerns and potential challenges
Increase unit sales and revenue volume above company goals
Continue prospecting for new Medtronic Minimed opportunities
Close for commitments with every account!

Overall 30-60-90 Day Action Plan:
Organize accounts into business sections:
Concentrate call efforts on the following business centers-

  • Endocrinologists
  • Nephrologists
  • OB/GYN's
  • CDE's

Sign up for health fairs- Spokane, Tri Cities and Boise
Schedule Dr. Ken Cathcart (ask for Ken's assistant) to speak in Spokane to the General Public
Sign up for "Camp Fun in the Sun"-Children's Diabetes Camp held in July
Schedule Dr. Ken Cathcart to speak to OB/GYN's and IM's
Contact - American Diabetes Association
- Juvenille Diabetes Foundation
Set up screening programs

In addition to previous on-going call efforts, and the following business centers:

  • Pediatricians
  • -McKinney
    - Valley Young People

  • IM's
  • - Rowan Internal Medicine
    - Spokance Internal Medicine
    - Physicians Clinic

Hold 2-3 Forums / Diabetes programs for the General Public ( South Hill, North and Valley)
Contract Group Health and MSC
Bring in someone for Rockwood Endos

In addition to previous on-going call efforts, add the following business centers:
Boise and the Tri-Citites
Endo's, CDE's. Nephrologists, OB/GYN's
Diabetes-focused Family Practitioners
Contact Regence Blue Shield/ Blue Cross of Idaho
Detailed 30 Day Plan:

Establish my identity with MiniMed

  • Jeff Hartman - One on one lunch at Viking Bar
  • Carol Wyham, MD
  • Ken Cathcart, DP - Schedule lunch at his favorite restaurant (ask for assistant where that should be)
  • Renata Riley, ARNP
  • Micheal Donlan, MD - Schedule Rockwood lunch and bring in Breakfast
  • Lin Logerquist, MD
  • Lynn Kohlmeier, MD
  • Collen Carey, MD - Schedule lunch, afternoon snack

Nephrologists- Focus on Type I Patients that don't see an Endocrinologist

  • Obermiller, MD- Schedule lunch, schedule preceptorship
  • Robert Benedetti, MD-One-on-one lunch, schedule preceptorship
  • Katherine Tuttle, MD- Brkfst, schedule preceptorship


  • Arlene Applegate - Appt.
  • Donna Burke - Appt.
  • Dora Davis - Appt.
  • Nancy Wickre - Appt.
  • Laura Winterstien - Appt.
  • S. Ahlgren - Appt.
  • Dee Jamison - Lunch
  • Kootenai Medical Diabetes Ed. Center- Lunch appt.
  • Diabetes Education Specialists - Lunch appt.
  • CHER- Lunch Appt.
  • Deaconess Diabetes Education - Appt.

Sign up for Health Fairs
Set up programs at Deaconess, Valley Hospital, and Holy Family Hospital
Set up diabetes screening programs at North Town Mall, the Spokane Valley Mall, and Spokane Albertson's stores

Potential Targets by Geographical Location
Spokane/Coeur d'Alene Area


  1. Arlene Applegate CDE,RN
  2. Donna Burke CDE, RN
  3. Ken Cathcart DO, Endo Metabolism (ME)
  4. Dorn Davis CDE, BSN
  5. Micheal Donlan Pediatric Endo (GT)
  6. Jeff Hartman MD, Endo
  7. Katherine Tuttle MD, NE & ME
  8. Nancy Wickre ARNP, CDE
  9. Carol Wysharn MD, Endo & ME
  10. Colleen Carey MD, Endo & Osteoporosis
  11. Lynn Kohlmeier MD
  12. Laura Wintersteen-Arleth RN, CDE
  13. S. AhIgren CDE, RD
  14. Deb Harper Group Health Admin. Pediatrician
  15. Buddy McKinney, MD Pediatrician
  16. Sharon Cathcart OB/GYN

Coeur d'Arlene

  1. Julie Ohno LD, RD, NU


  1. Doug Gwinn LD, RD, NU

Medical Lake

  1. Brad Lind MD, IM
Greater Tri-State

Moses Lake

  1. Diane Loux MSN, FP, ED


  1. Paul Madsen MD, FP, Nutrition
  2. Gretchen Millard MS, RD, CDE


  1. Erick Isaacson MD, FP
  2. Hannah Kuhn CDE, MSN
  3. Bruce Wilson MD, Endo and ED

Walla Walla

  1. James Beirne MD, Endo, IM
  2. Jean Sherman ARNP, ED, FP


  1. Keith Campbell CDE, RPG, EN, ED
  2. Nancy Gregory ARNP, CDE
  3. Sue Ritter PhD, ME, NR


  1. Nancy Kure CDE, LD, RD, NU, ED
  2. Suzanne Lambeth CDE, ED, AD


  1. Rene Bryd - Pendleton, OR CDE, RD
  2. Kathy Pfister-Minogue - LaGrande, OR ANP, NS, ED
Boise/Southern Idaho


  1. Richard Christensen MD, Endo-IM
  2. Cynthia Clinkingbeard MD, Endo-ME
  3. Judy Davis CDE, R-N
  4. Julie Foote MD, Endo
  5. Vicki Graf RD, NU, ED
  6. David Hindson MD, IM-Endo
  7. Theodore Roosevelt MD, PhD, Endo-Me
  8. Mimi Hartman CDE, RD, PH, NU


  1. Matthew Brown MD, Pediatrician
  2. Greta VanDyke CDE, RN


  1. James Dzur MD, Endo-GE
  2. Kathy Hohenbrink CDE, RD, NU, ED

Twin Falls

  1. Jeanie Mayer CDE, RD
  2. J.L. Seiach MD, FP Endo, IM
Medtronic Minimed


INSULIN PUMPS: Both Disetronics and Animas are state of the art units that offer a few more bells and whistles. Perhaps one of the biggest bells they offer is that both of their units are waterproof. Another is their choice of colors. While these are challenges, the edge still goes to Medtronic Minimed, with more experienced Sales, marketing Research, and Support groups.

INSULIN: Sanofi-Aventis will soon be marketing their new 24-hour insulin. This will be perhaps the biggest competition; Sanofi-Aventis will have a sales force of about 1000 people marketing this. They will be throwing large sums of money out there to launch it; The problem that still remains is the variability of the insulin absorption.

Not only does a script need to be written for the pump, but the provider must document need. In addition, that patient must keep a log of the carbohydrate counts for 3 months before the insurance company will approve it.
The good news is the things are improving as far as approval process and the number of approvals.

The common physician and the everyday person have fears and stigmas attached to insulin pumps:

This is an issue of educating physicians and patients about the safety and advantages of insulin pump therapy. Making this task a little easier is the recent availability of the Continuous Glucose Monitoring System. This will help in the realization of the benefits of insulin pump therapy, Medtronic Minimed has an excellent educational resource to help in this education process for both physicians and the general public.

  • The leader in the industry
  • Worldwide sales and support
  • Financially stable company owned by Medtronic, widely considered the #1 medical device company in the world
  • The oldest and most established insulin pump manufacturer
  • Clinical research way ahead of the competition
  • Technology that crosses over to other disease states
  • New Advances in glucose monitoring, including units to be sold to practitioners, will allow the practitioner to adjust treatments more effectively, while also providing more billable income for the physician
  • 800,00 Medtronic Minimed insulin pumps in use today = thousands of Medtronic Minimed success stories
  • New implantable artificial pancreas due out in about 5 years which will revolutionize diabetes care and treatment
  1. I am a fast learner.
  2. I am a very hard worker.
  3. I work and sell with the philosophy of treating others how I want to be treated.
  4. I am persistent and don't give up easily.
  5. I am self-motivated and driven to be the best I can be.
  6. I have a successful and proven medical sales background.
  7. I am proficient in creating and following a business plan.
  8. I have excellent diabetes disease state knowledge and am passionate and diabetes, especially since it affects my immediate family.
  9. I have a vast network within diabetes arena.