Writing the Winning Sales Resume

Everyone from your best friend's neighbor to your local resume service company believes that they own stock in the ultimate way to construct the proper resume - but do they? Sales Resumes are NOT the same as other types of resumes. I will simplify all of this for you for the last time, so that YOU will now be the expert resume advisor.

Does your resume do you justice, or are you apologizing because the format just isn't right? Does your resume tell a story? Does it clearly identify who you are currently working for, who your customers are, what products you sell, what territory you cover, how long you've done it, promotions, and MOST IMPORTANTLY: HOW WELL you've done (and be able to show actual documentation on the interview)? If it doesn't, why not?? In today's economy, hiring authorities are under scrupulous pressure to make intelligent hiring decisions. Make them want to hire you!! To get employers to salivate after YOU, you MUST have your year end stack rankings with the most current year first - and then going backwards - and your awards dripping off your resume. Resume should POP with accolades, awards, achievements and top rankings in bullet format. Leave responsibilities to a minimum. No paragraphs about qualifications, in-servicing, call reports or other tasks. It is all about RESULTS. Show the numbers on why you are great at what you do! If you do not toot your own horn here, you are selling yourself short and no one else is going to do it for you!

I have heard these two excuses a thousand and one times:

"I didn't put my accomplishments on the resume because I thought I would tell the hiring authority about them when we actually meet."

"I didn't want to go over a one-page resume."
Employers look for:

1) Your resume should be in chronological order with your most current position listed first, including monthly and yearly dates.

2) Exact months/years on each job MUST be accurate and airtight as references and dates are virtually always checked. If only the years are listed and not the months, than we are concluding that you must be hiding something (E.G. another job or an unemployment gap). Even if you only worked one month for a company - and it was a mistake - you must add it to your resume. If you have been paid by a company, it will appear on a report and you could be terminated from the job of a lifetime because you omitted it. You will be a Human Resources Director's dream.

3) There is nothing wrong with a 2-pager if and only if, you have the achievements and accomplishments to warrant it, and you must be able to document them.

4) We need year end stack rankings. It doesn't matter if you were Sales Rep of the Month three times last year if you finished under quota and were not AT LEAST in the top 20% of your sales force. PLEASE do not let the world know that that you did not finish the year(s) at least 100% of quota. What employer is going to hire you if you can't at least make quota?

5) If you were ranked #2 or #3, please tell us OUT OF HOW MANY reps. If you finished #20 out of 50, but your territory was at #49 when you started, WRITE IT!!

6) PLEASE have someone you know proofread your resume for misspellings. Make sure if you called on more than one Cardiologist and more than one Oncologist, or Vascular Surgeon that ALL your plurals are noted. Sometimes I feel like an English teacher instead of a recruiter! Also learn where semicolons are needed in place of commas and periods, especially when writing about each of the companies you have worked for, as well as in your objective statement - it is always semicolons as spellcheck will point out.

The following type of resume is the most widely used, easiest to prepare and the easiest for the employer to comprehend…

George Costanza

1254 Fountain St. #1A
Los Angeles, CA 90024

M.S. Business 2008 - Villanova
B.A. English 2006 - Temple University (3.3 GPA)


DePuy-Synthes Craniomaxillofacial, Los Angeles, CA March 2012 to Present

Consult with oral, plastic, ENT and neurosurgeons on the use of external rigid fixation devices for surgical repair of facial fractures, oral tumors and cosmetic facial bone augmentations; Also responsible for educating surgical residents and operating room staff on rigid fixation techniques by conducting seminars, workshops and in-services; primary customers: UCLA, Cedars Sinai, USC, Harbor UCLA, Long Beach Memorial, Veterans Hospital.

2022 - After first 2 quarters, currently ranked #8 out of 120 reps

2021 - Ranked #7 out of 120 reps (No Award Trip this year due to Covid)

2020 - Ranked #6 out of 120 reps (No Award Trip this year for anyone due to Covid)

2019 - Ranked #12 out of 130 reps

2018 - Ranked #4 out of 130 reps and won President's Club Trip to Jamaica

2017 - Ranked # 1 out of 130 reps and won President's Club Trip to Ireland as well as Sales Rep of the Year

2016 - Ranked #5 out of 145 reps and won President's Club trip to Orlando (Disney World)

2015 - Ranked #6 out of 145 reps and won President's Club Trip to Puerto Rico

2014 - Ranked #25 out of 120 reps (changed territories and brought territory up from #118)

2013 - Ranked #1 out of 110 reps and won President's Club Trip to Paris France as well as Sales Rep of the Year; Increased sales from $140,000 to $2, 750, 000; Promoted to Regional Sales Trainer; one of three chosen to represent DePuy-Synthes a the International World Conference in Zurich, Switzerland

2012 - Won Rookie of the Year and President's Club Trip to Maui

Ricoh Copiers, Philadelphia, PA

March 2009 to February 2012

2011 - District Manager of the Year (first year as a mrg out of 36 mrgs)

2010 - Won President's Club Trip to Jamaica (top 5% of entire 1,300 rep sales force)

2009 - 230% of quota and added 52 new accounts; (#4 out of 36 in Philadelphia Region)


NORDSTROM, Philadelphia, PA

May 2006 to January 2008

Men's Sportswear Sales

  • Consistently #1 or #2 in a sales force of 73 based on store promotions


  • Pennsylvania Interscholastic Federation (PIF) 50yd, Freestyle Swim Champion
  • Captain of High School water polo team


  • Spearheaded four screening center drives for breast cancer
  • Big Brother of Los Angeles


  • Swimming, water polo, tennis, hiking, working out, Alliance Business Club


  • Have taken numerous sales courses with De-Puy-Synthes and Ricoh
  • Have atteneded Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar seminars